What to Expect from HTC One M9

One of the devices that are making a huge fuss is the HTC One M9 – or some call it as Hima. Since the HTC One M8 has been one of the best devices in 2014, it is pretty normal and logical to expect even better increase for the new successor, the M9 or Hima.What to Expect from HTC One M9

There were previous rumors claiming that some cool features with improved specs will be added for the M9, including 810 Snapdragon processor, Super LCD3 full HD display with its 5 inch dimension, 430 Adreno graphic card and also memory system RAM 3GB; not to mention the 20MP camera for the back and 13MP camera on the front with improved feature for selfie usage. It is claimed that the M9 will be super thin with only 7mm of thickness.

New Changes and Improvements

Among the many improvements and changes happening to the upcoming flagship device, HTC will be ditching the name Hima, and focuses more on calling it HTC One (M9). In fact, they even plan to ditch off the brackets, so the device will be called as HTC One M9 – this may seem unimportant for some people, but it is important for the others.

Aside from the name, HTC decides that they will keep the all metal structure and leave it undisturbed. The design and quality alone looks gorgeous in its simplicity, with refined looks and models – not the revolutionized form from the M8 previous design. Along with all metal structure, addition for two tone gold and silver finish is also added, creating more exclusive and luxurious feel to the whole design. moreover, the power button is moved to a better and more comfortable position, located on the right side for more practical usage, although HTC can do something better with the microUSB port.

The previous rumor about 7mm thickness is proven to be untrue, since the M9 will be coming with 9.6mm arrangement, which is actually thicker than the previous M8 with its 9.4mm. It is likely that the newer and bigger 2900 mAh battery is responsible for that, as opposed to the ‘only’ 2600 mAh battery in M8. Despite the bigger size, the new battery is claimed to be lighters, with new 157.5 gram in total weight when compared to previous 160g. However, the slight difference is almost unnoticeable, so you won’t feel a thing, actually. What to Expect from HTC One M9 1

It is possible that the M9 will be coming with 5 inch display screen with 1080p quality. Although the previous rumor said that it will be coming with 2K panel, HTC seems to decide that the current arrangement is more perfect and somewhat right. The device will have 810 Snapdragon 64 bit processor that is paired with RAM 3GB, along with optional storage containers of 64GB and 128GB. Besides all those goodies, the device is claimed to come packing with good sound system with powerful speaker of Dual BoomSound and Bose tech, although these have to be confirmed yet.

You should find out more when HTC is releasing their products in March the 1st, before MWC starts. Just wait and see for further official confirmation.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Spec and What to Expect

Everyone is waiting for the official confirmation and release of Samsung Galaxy S6. Considering that Galaxy series have managed to captivate loads of fans over the years with its top-notch quality, it is quite understandable that the new release is bringing new hope and new expectation.

However, there are also concerns that the new device will be disappointing, as the previous Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 wasn’t getting lots of interest and positive response because it was claimed mediocre and boring. But then again, Samsung always manages to come with surprising feature, so it is possible that they have learned from the past mistake and create something interesting for the S6. With claimed high-end features and components, the S6 seems to be promising.

Several Changes and Updates

Rumor has it that Samsung will follow LG’s step in using QHD display with its 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution. After all, the Galaxy Note 4 has been packed with 2K panel, so why not improving the quality of their upcoming Galaxy? It is also possible that they will use the double edge display – like the one used for Note Edge – but there is no official confirmation just yet.

Processors will experience changes, as well as the usage of Android Lollipop 5.0 OS, has been confirmed. If the company is truly using this OS for their source of power, you can bet that this will be a flagship product that everyone wants. Not to mention that premium design will be included in the package, and also the possibility of using Octa core processor for smooth and better performance.

Up until now, the company doesn’t want to say a word about their upcoming plans for 2015 Mobile World Congress, but several hints and images available on the net has said a lot about this new Galaxy S6 design and outcome.Samsung Galaxy S6 Spec and What to Expect

Problems in the Making

Considering that Samsung is a creature of habit, they should reveal everything during the MWC event. And if everyone prediction is right, the company likes to boast their achievement and success, including the newest improvements that they have made. So far, they ‘let’ the rumors going around about the high-quality metal case and other components that will make the device a winner. After all, they need this kind of winning, considering that they haven’t exactly done well in the last launch and sales. It’s hard to point fingers of whom to blame as Samsung alone likes to frustrate their customers with six to eight weeks gap between the introduction and the sales release.

All in all, if you are a hardcore smartphone lover who is into regular design rather than the phablet, this S6 will be your best option. Rumor (again) has it that there will be two main designs, with one with plastic and metal combination like Note 4 (plastic removable back side and half metal casing) or all unibody metal casing like the Alpha. It is also possible to expect fingerprint scanner (similar to Touch ID from Apple).

Candidates for the Worthy Gaming Laptops under 1000

There are some of the best choices for high quality gaming laptops under 1000. Who says you need to spend a fortune ‘just’ to be able to buy the gaming laptops that you want? You may be surprised to find out that there are so many different gaming laptops with high end features that won’t hurt your wallet at all. Most of these laptops are good for play and work, with satisfying graphic quality that is definitely higher than the regular laptops. Keep in mind, though, that most of these laptops are quite big in size – which is quite logical and reasonable, for entertainment satisfaction and enjoyment in playing your favorite games.

GL551JM-DH71 ROG from Asus

This 15.6 inch laptop looks pretty solid and cool. Designed by Republic of Gaming from Asus, it is quite understandable why some of the features are made tough and aggressive – even you can tell that the overall design is pretty tough and masculine. This laptop packs up all the good stuffs, like i7 Intel Core processor for fast and responsive operation and GTX 860M NVidia graphic card for high quality images and graphic that is lethal combination for gamers. Priced at around $980, it is truly a worthy spending that you won’t regret. Not to mention that you can enjoy a DVD burner, satisfying and expansive 1TB of hard drive, and memory system with 16GB RAM.

If you think that this laptop will be slim or light, then you think wrong as most of the components and hardware are made solid. The total weight is around 6.0 lbs with the thickest point around 1.3 inch – which isn’t slim at all – but thanks to the sleek aluminum cover with Black main cover and Red Majestic as the accent, you can really expect an elegant device. The screen comes with full HD quality, anti glare coating, and 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution that will definitely help you reach your gaming satisfaction. In case you want to use it for working, the backlit one piece keyboard with long key press will help you; it is responsive as well as delivering better typing quality.

gaming laptops under 1000

Although the focus of this laptop is to play games, you can still enjoy it for working. The 7200 rpm hard drive is nice since other competitors mostly offering 5400 option. With HD 720p webcame and DVD dual layer and ReWriter, you can really enjoy the fast switch of this gaming laptop to working laptop, and vice versa.

The only downside is that you can’t really call it portable as it is pretty big and heavy – well, what can you expect from this gaming laptop under 1000 with 15 inch in size and solid structure? A hardcore gamer may not be bothered at all with the weight or size, but it is troublesome for those who spend most of their times on the go. If most of your working time is about traveling or being mobile, this is probably not the best options – well, of course, you can always have the choice of having your own laptop for work and use this one for playing games only. In the end, it comes down to you whether you will find this device a nuisance or not.

Be prepared to deal with other problems, such as heat and battery. Some users complain about the easily-overheat issue and the laptop isn’t running for several hours, while some complain about the battery that is less than 3 hours for usage. This is quite surprising and odd, I found out, considering that gaming laptops are supposed to come with powerful battery that can last for hours – I once had a gaming laptop that can last for more than 7 hours without charging. Battery issue and overheat problem can be a mood killer for some people, so really take your option carefully.

V3-772G-7448 from Acer Aspire

When compared to the one from Asus, this gaming laptop is definitely bigger. With 17.3 inch in size, you can’t really tell that it is a compact device. However, most people claim that it is one of the best devices for playing games or working without breaking the bank. All the important features are available with improved enjoyment and easiness. Most users even say that this is one of the best laptops for multitasking needs.

From the design alone, you can see the elegant contour that feels simple and yet classic and high in quality. The palmrest comes with very nice and comfortable hairline finish. The overall thickness is around 1 inch, and yet the high quality screen with all the good features makes it very nice to use this laptop. You can definitely use this laptop for playing games, working, or even watching your favorite DVD. Thanks to the i7 Intel Core processor, you definitely can entertain, create, and play without having to worry about any lag or delay. The powerful processor will make sure that you can do it all: gaming, multimedia, and task. And thanks to GT 750M graphic card from GeForce NVidia, you can enjoy high quality graphic with crisp and bright result that is simply visually stunning.gaming laptops under 1000 acer

There are also features that are considered simple and yet will be able to really make your day. With 1TB of hard drive, feel free to store any data you want: photos, music, games, and so many more. It also comes with additional slots of memory cards up to 32GB. Of course it is also packed up with Bluetooth connection, ZoomPerfect touchpad, and Numeric Keypad from Acer that will help you in terms of usability, accuracy, and sensitivity. Not to mention that it is also packed with Windows 8 that will help you with your professional tasks. Priced at around $920, this is definitely a gaming laptop worth dying for. Yes, the laptop itself may be big, but it is not overly heavy and the high quality graphics and access are worth your spending. If you want to make a smart spending that will boost your mood on daily basis, this is the device that you should have.

Considerations in Choosing the Best Shaving Cream for Men

As bags and shoes are important for women, so does shaving cream for men. Women may not realize the huge value of a shaving cream, but men do. In fact, their lives depend on it. Among the many brands and names in the industry, there are some that are considered as the best shaving cream for men.


However, before you march to the nearest store to get the best shaving cream for your needs, there are some things that you need to consider about. Know that shaving products are generally available in two main forms: the cream or gel, or the traditional one. When is a product called as the best item, anyway?

  • It has superior and easy to apply performance, which mainly deals with better lubrication and cushion. You see, a good cream will provide good lubrication with improved comfort so you won’t even worry that the shaving blade will do you harm.
  • It should be easily applied and used. It should also be able to be mixed with hard as well as soft water, so whatever contents of the mineral water won’t affect the quality of the cream.
  • It should come with different kinds of smells that are refreshing and soothing. Of course, you can choose the ones without any scents at all.
  • It should be easily found and purchased.
  • Despite the quality, the tag price should be affordable – at least reasonable and logical.

Traditional vs Modern Shaving Gels or Creams

It may be old-school, but some people prefer the traditional shaving cream to the modern ones. There are loads of reasons why they do so. First, for them the traditional cream offers more flexibility and easiness in application. Second, the cream is considered safer and more natural than the modern ones. Third, the cream is claimed to deliver better result with more perfect softness and smoothness.

Some men have problems with modern shaving gels and creams, due to these conditions:

  • More and more modern shaving products have synthetic perfumes, artificial dyes and colors, alcohol, and preservatives that can cause skin irritation. For some people alcohol can cause discomfort or skin burns.
  • As if it weren’t enough, these products contain the so-called numbing agents, which increase the possibility of irritations, nicks, or cuts.
  • If you choose the shaving foams, keep in mind that they may contain dangerous gases, like propane or isobutene, responsible for the foam formation. It makes the cream look foamy and thick, but since it is mostly gases, your skin isn’t properly protected.

Of course, not all modern shaving creams are that ‘scary’ or dangerous, but you need to make dedicated research to really choose the one that isn’t only good, but also safe. Some of the products may be higher in price than others, but they are generally better and safer than the others.

Choosing for the right and proper product shouldn’t be difficult. You can choose the ones with natural oils like jojoba, avocado, coconut, or almond, and essential oils. The products are made of natural ingredients, like fruits, plants, flower, or roots. If you find essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, lime, sandalwood, lavender, bergamot, or cypress, you can be sure that they are safe.

Various Best Friend Picture Ideas to Do

Your best friend(s) is the one that is there for you during your ups and downs. They are there when you are happy, and they will hold your hand when you are sad. That’s why the thought that you can make your friendship eternal and ‘freeze’ the time is cool, and you can do so through photos. There are loads of the so-called best friend picture ideas that you and our best friends can do together. smooshy face best friend pic

The idea of having best friend picture isn’t just about taking pictures and then you’re done. It is more about capturing the essence of your friendship and represents it through images and pictures. You can be photographed while doing the stuffs you like together, for instance, or you can have silly poses that show off how close you are with one another. There are actually loads of fun in store, waiting to be revealed by your creative sides.

Here are some best friend picture ideas that you can try for your best friend picture moments:

  • Doing silly things while studying together. Who says studying is always lame and boring? I did a picture of my friend and me while we were studying, and it was super fun. Hold your rulers like you are in the middle of sword fight, for example, or pretend to scribble something on your friend’s hand or arm. It should be interesting.
  • Doing the things that you like together. Do you like swimming? Do you like dancing? Do you like cooking? Take a picture of it while both of you are doing it together and the result will be super fun. I like to swim, and so did my friend back then. And there is a picture of us conversing inside the pool after we were doing our laps in black and white. It was beautiful and it reminds me of two things I love the most: swimming and my friend. It somehow gives me the energy boost to exercise, and it keeps reminding me of her and that I should call her once in a while. I still keep it with me and it has become one of my most favorite shots.
  • Doing silly things on public. This is fun, it is crazy and you can laugh about yourself. It doesn’t have to be grandeur or much. For instance, you can pose as if you are drooling over this cool new dress by pressing both of your faces on the display glass. Your face will look funny and the overall effect will be hilarious. However, to do this, you need to have one thing: not being afraid of showing off your goofy side or even embarrasses yourself.
  • Just be there for each other. You don’t have to do any silly stuff anymore. You can sit side-by-side holding hands, and it already shows the bond you are having. Or you can have pictures where one of you is holding the others, providing comfort and consolation. It shows the emotional side of your friendship.

Cheap DIY Home Decor Ideas

Cheap diy home decor ideas are the things that will be much helpful for you to renew the look of your home without spending so much budget out of your pocket. Frequently, you need to refresh the atmosphere of your home by changing or renovating the look of the rooms within your home. Why is it so? It’s just because home is the place where you live and spend much of your time in. Therefore, make your home becomes as comfortable as possible so that you will be interested to be inside of it. Moreover, decorating your home won’t be that expensive as you think since there are a lot of diy home decor ideas which allow you to beautify your home even when your money is tight.Cheap DIY Home Decor Ideas1

Well, there are numerous methods that you can use to make a huge impact for the look of your home and only need to do in less than a day. The best thing is that all of the methods won’t squeeze your pocket. First of all, you need to determine how much budget you have to do this decorating project. After you have measured the budget, then just check these cheap diy home decor ideas out and figure out which ones work best for you. The first idea is about the furniture placements. Moving the furniture to the different positions will be able to make a big transformation in a room. So, sometimes you need to change the placement of the furniture to avoid boring.

Another good method that should be taken into your considerations to decorate your home is painting. Painting the walls is one of the simple diy home decor ideas that can make a totally different look from your old home into a new interesting one. Painting can also give a new tone of your home and renew the mood of it. Moreover, painting will only cost a little money and even you can choose the cost of the paint as what you need. So, just remove the old dull walls by painting them into a fresh color. Besides painting the walls, you can also design an accent wall to make your home look perfect.Cheap DIY Home Decor Ideas

Lighting is the next concern, which can enable you to transform the look of your home cheaply. All you need is just to be creative to make a different and extraordinary lighting. Think about something unique to make the lighting in your home not only works well but also gives an interesting decoration. For example, you can take the advantage of Christmas tree lights to make your home spruced up with mood lighting. Consider hanging twinkle lights from the window or gluing an old map around an existing shade to change up a light shade as what you want it to be. Those are the things that you can do to decorate your home and make a new look without throwing a lot of budget. Well, the cheap diy home decor ideas are helpful for you, aren’t they?

Facts about Wrinkles, Age, and Deteriorating Condition

Women on 1 Dec , 2014


Aging with elegance is the common issue that most women experience. As you get older, the skin changes and you are horrified to find out that your skin isn’t as smooth or firm as it was before. As you get older, it is common to experience skin issues like acne, skin spots, freckles, and also fine lines and wrinkles.  That’s why facial treatments for wrinkles are one of the most common popular facial treatments among women – or people with very self-confidence awareness issue.

When you were younger, everything is in its best and peak condition. Your skin is firm and taut. The body has its best condition to remove waste and get rid off dead skin cells efficiently, so you can always get the glowing, fresh, and firm skin. But as you get older, natural aging process starts to take over. The elastin and collagen will get weak and lose. The fibroblast changes, causing break down in elastin and collagen production. That’s why it is quite common to see saggy skin or skin with blemishes.

However, if you think that only middle age or old people suffer from wrinkles, then you are dead wrong. Young people in their 20s or 30s can also suffer from fine lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles aren’t only caused by the changes in fibroblast, but also because of excessive exposure to harsh environment, pollution, or sunlight. Too much stress, smoking, not getting enough vitamin E, or drug usage are also the common causes of saggy and gloomy skin issue.

Different Alternatives and Methods

There are some alternatives of how you can deal with the issue. You can have complete and progressive skin treatments- like chemical peels, collagen injection, etc – to remove the issues, but they are more expensive than the regular treatment – you certainly need to have special budgets for these procedures.

Not everyone, however, like the idea of having this kind of treatment. Aside from the fact that you need to prepare quiet special budget for it, you still have to deal with possibility of side effects. No one can tell what’s going to happen after the procedures are done, and the best thing that aesthetician can do is to prevent it. This is why most people like having home remedies treatments, which has the smallest possibility of side effects, although the result is longer.olive-oil

The best ingredient you can try is the olive oil. This oil is rich in vitamin E and A, which has lots of antioxidants that can fight off free radicals – responsible for damaging the skin – efficiently. If you use this oil to massage your skin regularly, not only it will improve your appearance, it will also make your skin smoother and softer. Olive oil can do multifunctional work by repairing, moisturizing, and also regenerating skin cells. When the oil penetrates deeply into your skin, it will be moisturized and protected.  You can use the olive oil just as it is, or combine it with honey. Massage the skin twice a day with this combination, and not only you will remove wrinkles naturally, you will also see the effect of getting firmer skin. Say goodbye to saggy skin! Other alternative oil to try is vitamin E oil, emu oil, coconut oil, or almond oil.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Safe, Fast, and Easy Solution

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Life style demands valuable thing in modern era so many people try to make an innovation to face the need of life style. How do you can clean your nose hair? Of course, some of you will answer by using classical tools such as tweezers or scissors. Nevertheless, those tools cannot give you comfort treatment. Those only give buzzed, pinched as well as dangerous treatments. Therefore, it is wise for you to choose innovation tool such as nose hair trimmer.

Basically, nose hair is needed by our body in order to prevent bad external pollutants that come; but if it is grows so rapidly, it can be a big problem for you so you need valuable tool to treat the problem perfectly. The best tool to solve the problem is very important because you have to protect the nose sensitive skin. Alternatively, the best nose hair trimmer is needed in order to give safe, fast as well as easy treatment for your beloved nose. When you are using it; do not forget to stand in the front of your mirror. Although the best nose hair trimmer is safe; but by standing in the front of mirror it will add the neat as well as possible.

How to find the best nose hair trimmer? There are various products about it; but make sure that you can get the valuable products. Firstly, the valuable products can be featured by utilizing patented technology and they can give you guarantees. Secondly, the valuable products cannot hurt you beloved nose and it is so easy to clean. You can choose the product that can be cleaned by rinsing water to it. Thirdly, because you can clean it by utilizing water, make sure that the products have to obtain water-resistant so it will be so durable to use in long time need. Fourthly, you have to choose both quick and easy how to use so you can use nose hair treatments whenever and wherever. Finally, consider about some crucial element before you want to buy the products. The Price, size, durability, flexibility and warranty are the crucial aspects that should be considered in order to obtain the best and suitable nose hair trimmer.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

If you want to know what the best products that can be considered; here are some products that can be chosen. Brand of trimmer such as Panasonic and Philips can be a good option. Specifically, you can look for the products Panasonic ER-GN30-K, Philips Norelco NT9130, and Panasonic ER430K Trimmers. Are you difficult to find those products in real shop near your home? It is wise for you to visit internet because there are some sites that have provided those powerful products. After you find the best one; you can shop and buy it.

Nose hair trimmer is an easy solution for treat your nose hair perfectly. It can be used by men or woman but majority people that use it are men. As a result, it is small tool that will increase your confident in your daily life.

How to Make Your Home Sweet Home for A Perfect Decoration

How to Make Your Home Sweet Home for A Perfect Decoration

Find the Problems

Take the example of the small size of the room, the improper decoration, some parts of the house are damaged or problematic, and many other things. The main aim for you to know the problems first is to make sure that you are able to determine what you will need to do to put an end to what is happening. You can decide whether the situation that you have at home needs the help from the professional or not.

Let’s take a look at how you have your plumbing system leaking. There is no way for you to make sure that you can put an end to this matter by considering the fact that you do not have the skills and experience. It is better for you to have the help from the professional service. However, when it comes to the problem which is related to the decoration of the house, you might want to cope with it on your own.

Determining the Decoration Ideas

In case the problem is located in the decoration of the house, of course, the best solution is to make sure that you are able to get the most proper decoration ideas to fulfill your expectation. For this matter, the best thing to do is to ask yourself about what you want. You are going to be the one who will spend a lot of time at home. It means that the decoration needs to be done based on your interest. Therefore, you can get the greatest pleasure later on. In order to make it easier for you to learn about the decorating ideas, you can seek for some sources online. There will be so many inspirations for you to get. 

How to Make Your Home Sweet Home for A Perfect Decoration1

Play with the Color

If you want to make sure that the result of your redecorating can be so optimal, you can play with the color. Yes, the color will be able to determine the greatness of your decoration idea. If the color is proper, you can find that the decorating effect can be more boosted and thus, it will be so great for the theme of the house. The atmosphere will also be boosted too. Therefore, you can find that it is more enjoyable to spend some time whenever you are at home. 

Getting the Furniture and Accessories

Indeed, the next thing to do is to make sure that you can get the proper furniture and accessories. Make it certain that the furniture and the accessories can be so suitable with the design or decoration idea that you have determined beforehand. It is totally a good idea if you are able to get the high quality furniture and accessories. It might cost you quite much but it is actually a kind of great investment for you. Therefore, you can expect to get the great time with the furniture and the accessories for a long time because the high quality ones surely have better durability and the appeal should be nice too. And then, you can also start considering about the placement of the furniture and the accessories. Make sure that everything can blend well with the theme of the decoration so the result can be more satisfying. And those are the things that you need to do to make sure that your house can fulfill or even exceed what you expect.

Easily Shave Your Head Using Best Electric Shaver for Head

If you want to have a cool hairstyle you might need to get best electric shaver for head to create the hairstyle you want. This shaver also very useful if you want to shave your bald hair so there is no small layer in your head.

Shave your head easily to create nice style

Easily Shave Your Head Using Best Electric Shaver for Head1

Panasonic ES-LA63-S electric shaver: using this shaver you would be able to create smooth result with its four blades. The blades will also move in 30 degrees angle which makes it easier for you to shave your head according to its contour. Moreover you could use this electric shaver in dry or wet shave.

Wahl Baldfader electric hair clipper: this manufacturer has made shaver for head since 1919, this is why their products are consider as number one product available on the market. This shaver could be used to not only shave your hair but also trimming and clipping it. It has several shaver blades which could be attached to the main tools which powered with lithium ion battery.

Skull Shaver electric shaver: this electric shaver will be able to shave or clip your head. The unique design of this shaver made the blade in round shape which would be rotated when you use it. This design will then help you to fully clean your head if necessary, moreover the blade also very flexible since it could adjust to the contour of your head which makes it possible for you to shave very close.

Home Cut hair shaver: this best electric shaver for head has been used by many professional in the salon industry. However since it is very affordable you might also want to have it on your home. It has 20 different attachments which will be very useful to shave your head in any style.


Braun Series 760 electric shaver: the best thing about this electric shaver for head is the feature that prevents the ingrown hairs. They have special foil inside the razor head in the form of holes where the hair could pass through it when the hair does not grow in the right direction. When there is some hair that grows flat into your head skin, then the middle trimmer feature would be able to take it out so they would not grow into your skin.

Remington F5790BXLP electric shaver: this shaver has beautiful esthetic shape with display on the front to indicate the battery charging process. The best thing about this razor is that it is fully compatible with any voltage on your cord plug, which is why you could bring this into any country without worrying about the adaptor.

Conair HC1100 electric shaver: this best electric shaver for head is made with professional style tool which designed to be used for personal so you do not need to go to salon anymore. It would be useful to style your hair or to clipping your hair. You could use this shaver with the cord or without it to fully function it.